Sunday, February 05, 2006

Anyone want seconds on the dignity pie? Tom?

Ahhhh Massachusetts, always referred with a negative:

"Love that dirty water!"
"Welcome to Taxachusetts!"
"Hey, move it Masshole!"

And now the State's Attorney General Tom Reilly has decided to run for Governor. And he would like a running mate.

He is a Democrat.

First he tried to get businessman Chris Gabrielli on board the S.S. Tomtanic. It was reported as news at 11 o'clock, but then by morning, Mr. Gabrielli was long gone. Turns out, he didn't ever want a piece of that action.

Then he found Marie St. Fleur, a state rep with some six years of political experience and tapped her to be his choice for lieutenant governor.

As they say in sixth grade: Smooth move Ex-Lax!

It would seem that Ms. St. Fleur was not as hard pressed to pay her income taxes as she ought to have been ($12,000). And she couldn't have been bothered to pay back her student loans either ($40,000).

Or for that matter, her motor vehicle excise tax. And when you don't pay that one, they won't let you renew your drivers license. So it would seem that she couldn't have even driven herself to her own office.

Probably she should have disclosed this privately to someone. Anyone. Her "campaign manager" for example. Especially seeing as how at the start Tom's released his own tax records. And as Attorney General he is especially retentive about making the people follow tax law to.the.letter!

But no, she smartly stepped aboard the Tomtanic, and within a day, that ship went DOWN.

If you ask me, I'd say that sucking noise is the sound of the S.S. Tomtanic going under.

Or maybe it's Howard Dean screaling. (screaming? squealing? what was that noise?)

Another fine day for the Democrats in Massatwoshits.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, gimme a piece of that dignity pie...yumyum...