Sunday, February 01, 2009

I hate this newfangly digital tv business. But I like it a little... sometimes.

No, I hate it.

The f*cking signal keeps going weak and so the picture scrambles. Which I could deal with, but what is totally annoying is that the sound also breaks up. At least with my old rabbit ears the picture might get snowy, but the sound was still ok.

Sorry, but a horribly stuttering tv is probably going to be the thing that finally turns me off tv completely. Because there is nothing more annoying to me than hearing every third or fourth word. If you can't imagine what it is like, try having someone flick the mute button on and off randomly. For full effect occasionally turn the tv off randomly as well, which is what it is like when the signal goes weak.

Oh, and I no longer get channel 38 (WSBK), but I do get four channels of WGBH 44. Which would be great, only without the stutter.

I get it that there are still glitches in the system, but really I would give back those four channels of WGBH to get the rabbit ears again. And I refuse to get cable again.

So I guess my long relationship with the telly is coming to an end.
Which is probably a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Right now I have two TV's going at the same time. When I lose the digital signal, I unmute the old TV, so I can watch the show. I'm getting tired of seeing more of "digital channel signal is low" on the screen than the program.
I live near a train track. The trains mess up my TV reception. It's worse on the digital TV.
They say the digital will be stronger after Feb. 17. It had better be, because if this is what I'm stuck with, there's no point in even turning the TV on. I don't have money to waste on cable.
Maybe my opinion will change after Feb. 17, but right now I hate this digital stuff like I haven't hated anything in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it is past february 17 and the stupid dtv still sucks... I hate it so much... I cant say I have been able to watch a full movie without the stupid "no signal" letters coming at least once... What's the piont on been able to watch the news in timbactu if I cant watch local channels... I have to do several serches a day and then it "finds" 10 channels but 3 of them are the weather channel and 5 of the end up saying "no signal"... I usually unplug the stupid box and used my bunny anthena... I rather watch a snowy image than puttingup with watching a show that's going to fade away every 10 minutes...

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck so far. I have a garage TV and a bedroom TV and both used to get pretty crappy signals. Lots of noise and ghosting. When I put the converter boxes on, I was amazed how good the picture was. No snow or ghosts. It's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

I think digital TV sucks. Why can't the government leave things alone. Almost every time the government says they are going to make something better, you can almost count on it being worse. I recently bought a digital tv for my camper that I have parked at a RV part. I get 3 to 5 stations and the only station that I even half way like is FOX. My favorite station to watch is CBS, so of course I can't get it. When I could get reception though analog, I could get the local stations, CBS, ABC, and NBC. But those days are gone. Even when the channel didn't come in real clear it was better than digital. With digital all I get is "no signal" It infuriates me how the government comes in and messes with our simple pleasure, like being able to watch tv. I can't get cable tv at the RV park and I am not there enought to merit investing in a DISH. I am glad that I had the good sense to get a digital tv with a built in DVD. At least I can watch a movie. And that is another grip I have. Wish they still made tv with VCR's built in. At least then I could tape my favorite movies from Cable tv at home and take them to the camper trailer. I haven't found many good movies on DVD. At least not ones I like to watch. Change is not always good. The Change to Digital TV was the worst.

Anonymous said...

Dtv is the dumps, after the change i lost Abs and CBS, the channels have my favorite shows Medium (cause it changed from nbc to cbs) and Lost. Now I can't watch either channel. The only channels we get well are the weather channel, fox, and nbc. For some reason I can only get nbc if I turn the digital attena backwards facing away from the couch, kinda weird. I also get some old movie channel but it usually has what I call digity speckles coming in and out and can only hear every 20th word or so. If and I mean if the channels came in like they are supposed to and if the channel signal could reach the house it would be crystal clear t.v. I thought we had it bad when all the channels were fuzzy but I hardly pay attention anymore. If I loose anymore channels I'm shutting off the t.v. for good.

Anonymous said...

It's January 31st. I moved in with my elderly father to take care of him back in November. DTV really does make you want to hunt down the responsible party for retaliation. Right now, I'm thinking a dropper full of gasoline and a grill lighter would be a good start.