Monday, February 09, 2009

Ugh. Enough with the graffarti.

Look, this whole business with Frank Shepard Fairey is ridiculous. The media circus that swarmed over Roxbury District Court was nearly larger than what we usually see even for murder arraignments. And a bunch of self-righteous boobs blathering on about the "timing" and questioning the "motive" behind the warrant make me laugh.


I bet a stack of flapjacks that the Artist Formerly Known as Frank dropped his own dime on his own bad self. Prior to his arrest on Friday, his show at the ICA was more of a "who? oh yeah that guy" shindig. But now it is a media hoopla. And who does that benefit exactly? I mean, Mr. Fairey is no Robert Mapplethorpe, so why would anyone even care unless he wanted them too. And anyway, he could have done what hundreds of other folks with default warrants do, send your lawyer over to court and arrange for a next court date to clear it up. That's what lawyers are for, that's how the system works.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, Mr. Fairey defaced property that did not belong to him without permission. Which is a no-no, according to the law. He is no more exempt from it as the kid who put this on my house is:

Which, by the way, I reported to the BPD. With photos. Because you just never know. It's not art to me.

Art is relative, and similar to pornography in that you "know it when you see it". And everyone's taste is different. One person's graffiti, is another person's graffarti.

A simple test. Pick one photo below and imagine someone you don't know and will likely never meet, spray painting it across your front door:

And yeah, you HAVE to pick one. Because part of what graffiti is is living with someone else's choice of art.

Have fun and remember to give this much of a crap about the criminal system when more serious issue arise.

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