Monday, January 26, 2009

Ugh. I want my two hours back.

I decided to go do some laundry tonight over in Dorchester. I was hoping to also get a nice big bowl of pho while I was at it, but guess what?

It's the Asian New Year.

Every single Vietnamese pho place was closed for the holiday. So that sort of blew. But Happy New Year!

The second bummer of the night was that almost every TV at the laundromat were tuned to The Bachelor. I frickin' CANNOT stand that show.

All these perfectly nice women getting up to the most absurd shenanigans to get the attentions of this guy - the Bachelor - who frankly seems to be a major tool with VERY white teeth. And then at the end he has to bump a few of them off the show. But not before making them all sing to him, and make out with him, and then beg him to keep them on the show. Blech.

Ugh. Seriously. There is something about that show that really weirds me out.

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