Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's that time again, that Auld Lang Syne time!

So Resolution time is rolling around again and it is time to start fine tuning my Resolutions for 2008.

A quick recap of 2007's Resolutions:

1. Recycle
2. Compost

I am thrilled to report I've successfully recycled and composted for one year! Whoo hoo!

Truth be told, it's easy and now it's a habit, so - yay Earth! I will just mention that compost needs to be taken out FREQUENTLY otherwise your house will stink like rot. I know this from experience. :(

But the plus side is that my massive composter is halfway to full!

Now it is time to decide the 2008 Resolutions. I have to say that only having two made it easier to stick with. I have lots of ideas, but need to whittle down the list.

Here are a few I am contemplating:

1. Take the New Year's Day plunge into the ocean - this one is good because it's easy, it's one day, and my chances of dying from the shockingly cold water are low. Plus it's once and DONE! Best kind of Resolution out there.

2. Date more - I've been told that I should date more. Dating is a hard one for me - I talk a lot and am completely baffled by those mysterious "Rules" I am supposed to be following. It would be easier to open the lid on the compost bin and find a nice fella sitting right there on a cabbage leaf..... Sigh..... So there's another good Resolution, definitely in the personal challenge category of Resolutions.

3. Delete 38 Special from my playlists. If I hear "Hang On Loosely" ONE.MORE.TIME I will probably die.

4. Do one thing off of Cheap Thrills Rob's Cheap Thrills List every week. Hey, if he is going to put the time and effort into making and emailing the list, then I am going to put it to some good use! Plus anytime I get the chance to see him break out his interpretive dance routines makes it all worth it.

5. Walk more. That would be good in continuing with the whole recycle/compost theme of 2007. I might try to keep a log of how many miles I actually drive in one year, and how many gallons of gas I use up. Hmmmmm. I think that I could do that one actually. I like counting crap like that. I could put it into Excel.....

6. Make more food from scratch. I started doing that back in October and I noticed that I feel well, noticeably, better when I don't eat crap. Which is also true when I exercise. But I hate the "Exercise More" Resolution almost as much as "Hang On Loosely".

Ok well that's the start of them. There are more, only I am tired and going to bed. Too much Christmas food has poisoned my poor little liver I think.

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rob v said...

Haha! #4 is a good one, but not always easy. Since I tell people about them, I try do something every week too...