Sunday, December 16, 2007

Grrrrrrrrrrrr and a cookie

Ok, so the noisy next door neighbors having partying like it's 1999 ever since exams ended.

Grrrrrrrrr, I think to myself as I burrow a little further under the covers at 4am and jam earplugs in.

At some stage the thought of storming over, kicking the door in, and choking them all with 16oz red cups enters my mind.

But you know, it's cold out n' stuff.

However as mad as I get at 4am, the other day they all shoveled out my neighbor Mrs. T.

Seriously, shoveled up every single flake from her door, to her car (she has a handicap spot) and they did it with the kind of precision reserved for German car manufacturers. Twice.

Warmed the frozen solid cockles of my heart, that did. So now I guess they are going to get a cookie too.

Shoveling unasked counts as holiday cheer in my book. And somewhere out there, the parents of a couple of Northeastern students should be proud.

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