Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Cat Shat

My neighborhood is overrun by feral cats.

All the neighbors got together to have them neutered & spayed and that was the one kitty caca free week in my backyard.


I would love trap them all and drop them off out in Holyoke, but sadly I just really don't have the time.
(This scheme also includes the two cats that actually belong to people - if you have a cat but can't care for it properly, off it goes to Holyoke!)

Anyway I am first going to try some non-toxic methods to keep the cats away.

Someone suggested that I put out a litter box, but I don't want to be the sh*t station for the whole neighborhood.

Another suggestion was to sprinkle cat food on the area of excrement, the theory being that cats won't eat where they crap, and quite frankly who would. But again, I don't want to encourage them to be there in the first place.

I looked up a few solutions, mostly involving hot pepper which just seems cruel and useless. One idea is to sprinkle the area with grated Irish Spring soap - the shreds of which made my yard smell, well, spring fresh I guess and which puffed up weirdly in the rain.

That kept the cats away for about a week.

But now they are back. And full of poo that they leave for me like little stinky dumplings.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Preferable not of the shoot them, poison them, put them in a bag and toss into the river ilk please!

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Anonymous said...

sprinkle your yard and garden with moth balls/chips, they won't eat it but it keeps them at bay and they last