Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dudley Square

For the past few weeks my walk to work has taken me through Dudley Square and I have to say that everyday I see something interesting that I missed the in the days previous.

Dudley Square is lively in a way that reminds me of some of the places I've seen in the Caribbean & West Indies and visually interesting in an old Boston brick & painted signs way. There are lots of cool faded old painted ads on tucked away walls - if I get a chance I will try to get some photos posted.

At lunchtime I've been hitting up the various eateries in the area - Arizona's for pizza, Kennedy's for chicken, Stash's for salad, and it's all been good. Although in the interest of saving money I am trying to bring my lunch everyday.

The old (and falling down at an alarming rate) Ferdinand's furniture store is allegedly going to be turned into a city office and hopefully the independent shops will get more business from them. There is an independent pharmacy that competes with the Walgreens down the road and there is a Payless and a Foot Locker but for the most part the shops are small and locally owned.

Plus now that Tropical Foods is on my way home I never have to go to Stupid Stop & Shop again! Not only that, but they carry THREE brands of burnt sugar! Yay for Black Cake fans!


Mr. Matthew King said...

I am very taken by Dudley Square and I am working on an essay about it. I am new to Boston and this is one of the places that has captured my interest. I enjoy walking about and soaking it in. I am glad I am not alone.

Andrew said...

Is Dudley Square safe? All I hear about is how run down and dangerous the area appears. Your description of it makes Dudley Square sound like a hidden gem in Boston. Please post some photos as I am very interested in seeing the area.