Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two Juvvies in Tents!

So last night the Evil Twin and I went to the pre-season Pats game versus the Titans.

I managed to cajole the sis into taking the train (no sitting in traffic! cheaper than parking!) and off we went to Gillette courtesy of the MBTA.

Let me also just say that the only reason we were going was because the weatherman said it wasn't going to rain.

But of course as soon as we start walking across the parking lot we begin to feel the splat splat splat of fat raindrops! Gah! Stupid idiot weatherman!

And not only that but there were two women walking next to us saying how when ever they went to a game it rained. I was like "bitches go HOME" but whatever.

Well let me tell you, it rained from the minute we got to the stadium to the end of the first quarter. Blech!

Eventually we broke down and bought a pair of flimsy ponchos and headed out to our seats. After a long stretch of water torture, we headed back up to the concourse to watch from under the overhang.

Finally the rain ended and we were back in our seats by the second quarter.

We kept the ponchos on though. Which kind of started to give off a distinct tent smell.

Anyway, Pats didn't win.

However there were some spectacular tackles (one by Junior Seau comes to mind - dude jumped the guy!) and anyway having to wait out the rain on the concourse is always a great excuse to eat cheese fries!


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