Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stupid Gaelg Vanninagh

So those in the know know how the name SHAMRAG came about.
Me, my Irish housemate, and her Irish friends were all sitting around playing a friendly, Heineken-driven game of Smubble and someone threw down "shamrag".

Shamrag, you know, is when your sex partner won't put out on more than one occasion in a month. Or acts like a raving looney toon for no apparent reason. Well, they are on the 'sham'rag.

This, plus other made up words, provided HOURS of amusement - helped in no small part by beer, because it IS true that alcohol makes shit funnier.

But guess what? Shamrag is a word.

A real word.

In friggin GAELIC

And it means friggin SHAMROCK

And not Ken Shamrock the Ultimate Fighting Champion.


Anonymous said...

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manninagh said...

Ta mee toiggal yn fockle Gaelgagh as cha nel mee toiggal yn meenaghey Baarlagh! Ansherbee t’eh symoil, cha nel?