Monday, November 14, 2005

The Amish didn't even ask for it...

There is an interesting bit of news from Pennsylvania today. It seems that the Game Commission may allow the use of atlatls in time for the hunting season next year.

WTF is an atlatl you ask? Well I asked the same question.

An atlatl is a Stone Age weapon. It is basically a launching device to hurl a dart or spear.

Being the city-living-asphalt-loving kind of person I am, this for me is akin to okie noodling. I will never ever understand the allure of mucking about in chest high water and catching a mean old fish with your bare hands.

Using an atlatl to hunt game is just something I can't visualize. So I googled it. And actually, I think that it looks pretty easy to use. You hold the atlatl, pop a dart or spear in the holder, and when you're ready, you pull and fling the dart or spear forward. I am 100% sure that I would launch the darn thing directly into my foot.

Primitive Weapons
has a picture of a mullet-sporting gal dressed in a Hollywood Prehistoric outfit posing with an atlatl. Then scroll down to the bikini clad cartoon woman page turner. Well worth the misogynistic laugh.

Personally, I am hoping that the Game Commission here in Massachusetts brings back the high seas cutlass. Hunting with a cutlass while talking like a pirate seems like jolly fun, argh matey, wheres me parrot argh!!!

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