Thursday, May 01, 2008

Whatever he is, he is NOT gangster!

The Heraahld ran this picture in todays paypah:

For some bizzah reason they filed it under the Inside Track which is mostly known for provincial gossip and a weird, guess-who-did-what-or-who column once in a while.

I have no idea why they decided on this photo which was apparently taken in 2005, but I find it hilarious. Even more so that anyone would consider it a gang sign. Our beloved and belittled Mayah is like an angel food cake - white & airy. Not only that, but he is also completely unintelligible about 94.7% of the time, hence his nickname Mumbles.

And that is no joke. I met him once at the bakery where I worked and when I asked him what he wanted he said: "Gfarty! Hungindfth arbothed milk".

So that is not him flashing a gang sign, that is him mumbling in sign language. And anyway, look at how they are all dressed. That is not a gangster look at all.

That is gangster like gangster in the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch kind of gangster way.

(And really you need to watch the video if for no other reason than to see Marky Mark lick his lips when he is in bed with his chick, because if you are even passing familiar with Dot boys, you will totally recognize THAT move. It's at about minute 2:41 and you're welcome.)

But yeah, back to the photo.

The best line comes from Menino's own office:

I think he thought he was speaking in Italian,” said Menino’s spokesgal Dot Joyce. “Either that or he was making shadow puppets.”

Which sums up the Mayah perfectly.


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