Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holy Crap! What the #&^%@ IS That?

The other night there was a kerfuffle in the street.

The kind that starts with the words "B*tch!", goes on to include the words "Muthaf*cka", "Ho", "No you di-int!", and typically ends with "I'm gonna f*ck you up!" or "Oh yeah? Why don't you come here and say that sh*t to my face b*tch!"

Nothing too thrilling - no bats or knives, but there is something grotesquely intriguing about two women fighting.

It's just that two men fisticuffing is guttural and unimaginative. Two women screaming at each other is far more engaging - the verbal sewerage that comes spilling out is highly entertaining. If I knew I wouldn't die doing it, I would totally go out there with a tape recorder. When I am mad, I sputter and every great comeback line comes to me about 3 days after the fact. A handier, pre-recorded, back-pocket retort would be awesome.

So wait, where was I going with this post....

Oh yeah. So there was this kerfuffle the other night. I listened out the window for a bit and then it sounded like they were exchanging a few slaps, there was a ripping noise, then some other women stepped in and the whole thing was over.

However when I was walking down the street this afternoon I saw this:

Of course I was like, what the f*ck IS that? A dead bird?

And of course I had to take a closer look:

Ha hahhhahaha! It was the hair! From the b*tchslap fest the other night.

THAT explains the ripping sounds! Good lord, another thing to remember about high-falutin' city living: never, ever, wear fake hair when you plan on tackling your ex-man's new b*tch!

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Chris & Meghann said...

I love the word "kerfuffle"! I live in the country now and "catfights" have a whole different meaning.
You have a great blog.