Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Dunkin Donuts Problem

Listen, I hate to admit my love for Dunkies just as much as every other pretentious Masshole.

But here is the truth: not only do I love my medium iced coffee with a little cream, tweekle*, and a strawberry frosted donut**, I only LOVE it when it comes from this one Dunkies in Southie. This is not a phenomena I can explain, it's just that no where else does that combination taste as good.


There are more than TEN (10) Dunkies within striking distance from my house*** and yet I will travel in my car to go to this one Dunkies in South Boston just for that particular chemical fix.

I AM a Masshole. Harbor water in my veins, a pot of beans for a brain.

Long live the Dunkin.

* Tweekle: means "two Equal" in my language
** Strawberry frosted donuts are alleged to be "seasonal"
*** Striking distance = a mile or less

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