Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am just saying....

Nothing peeves me more than poor spelling.

Which is why I am horrible at texting. None of this "4COL" or "STFU" for me thanks.

So when I see spelling mistakes on like this... :

it makes me a little bonkers.

I know that I muck up words & punctuation & grammar & the MBTA Trip Planner all the time, but this is a blog I call "Shamrag" for crying aloud!

I could write penis-vagina-elbow in my headline if I wanted, I am low brow. Or peenus-vajiyna-elbo for that matter.

When you are bringing the "nooze" to the masses, f*cking run spell check people!


And now it is fixed. I must be on their feed.
Or the junior editor just got his pee-pee slapped.
And if not, they will when Sr Editor sees that they haven't fixed the headline.

Just the title in the main box.
Tick tock tick tock, let's see how fast the feed refreshes.

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