Sunday, March 09, 2008

How the other half lives.

Unless I win the lottery, make that Megamillions, chances are I won't ever be renting a $6000.00 one bedroom apartment at the Mandarin Oriental.

Although, if I did have the income enough to be able to rent a one bedroom for that price, I don't think I would.

I read this article on and quite frankly I think the emperor is, as they say, butt nekkid.

I at least thought that the article would better explain to a mere mortal like myself what makes a one bedroom worth $6000 a month.

The amenities appear to include take out from Sel de la Terre, room service from the hotel part of the complex, dog walking, and laundry. I am curious if these services are included in the rent, or if they are extra.

I don't really care that much that the countertops are "gleaming", or that the floor-to-ceiling windows are soundproofed
(because duh! That isn't an extra these days), or that there'll be a private mall entrance, because this all sounds similar to the design of the Natick Collection apartments.

Oh wait, it sounds like just about every apartment ad. Well, except for the mall entrance part. Unless you are looking at the Avalon at the Prudential apartments.

I would love to have $6000 a month to spend on shelter. I would pay off my mortgage in like two seconds. And then I would build an endless pool and that to me would be the height of indulgence.

Oh wait, I would also eat at Sel de la Terre a LOT more. Seriously, I love their food.
And give more to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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