Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A different kind of market altogether.

I love to look at real estate listing, it satisfies a curiousity itch I have that they currently don't make a cream for.

Anyway, yesterday I was looking at property in London. Holy CRAP is that market insane!

I found a home for sale for 45 million pounds sterling. Which is ohhh about $90,000,000 dollars. Which written out for those of you bad at math is NINETY MILLION DOLLARS.

I don't even think that it comes furnished. But it does have a pool.


However if that is a tich out of your range, perhaps THIS PLACE suits your budget better. Granted it is a fixer-upper, notice the boarded up windows and the need for "complete modernisation", but at only about $44,000,000 it's practically a bahgin!

I wonder if it comes with a cup of tea. Or maybe a butler.

Heh, this is clearly out of my range. And apparently out of the range of most Britons if THIS ARTICLE is to be believed.

Besides if I had $90,000,000 I would not spend it on a house. What dumb investment that would be. Sheesh!

I would definitely invest it in a new pair of shoes. And a new dual fuel stove/oven like this one.

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Stephen said...

And the windows are all boarded up!!!

In Boston anything over a million has video, pics and floorplans!!