Monday, October 29, 2007

Go Pats!

Wow I've been waiting for the Pats to crack 50!

And against the Redskins to boot.

I was down in DC this weekend and among other things, happened to be hanging out with our man Pedro who was valiantly wearing his Vrabel jersey through Redskin country.

A few times more than once I heard an anonymous "cheater!" float through the crowd. But clearly no fan was really ballsy enough to follow up on that.

Which does make me laugh in retrospect. I mean I get the whole taping scandal - but it's not steroids or betting.

And 52 to 7 is a wiiiiiiiiiiide ass margin. That's not cheating by taping, that's cheating by psychic.

Well I guess it would suck to be on the team that had to face Brady, then Cassel, and then the third string guy.....

It would have been classic if they had finally called up the quarterback from Foxboro High.

That I would have paid to see.

Ha, that's what those Redskins get for having a bunch of face touchers for fans.

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