Tuesday, October 23, 2007

30, 300, 3000 - WHAT is going on around here?!

When I created this blog it was in a drunken Scrabble playing haze with a bunch of Irish folk and a pornographic thesaurus.

I figured they'd read it, and probably my mom and my sister too - bringing my total readership level to about 12.

But I inserted a stat counter anyway. My ego made me dooit.

Sometimes those original 12 readers would get another reader and my readership would bump up to 24-30 readers.

And occasionally I get a reference on Universal Hub. Which boosts those stats to about 50-80 readers.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the old stat counter yesterday afternoon and saw that the 'rag had 300 hits.

What the...??

I did a little checking and found that I had been referenced in an article on Slate.com. And then another reference on Boston.com.

Woah, well that would explain why today when I looked at the stat counter it was over 3000 hits.

Holy crapola!

That is some kind of pressure now.


Johnny K said...

Haha, Lily Von Schtoop was referenced. Menkal!

I raise my glass of beah to Miss Von Schtoop.

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

I raise you and I see you that beah handsome!

You and Asshat, founding membahs of the Shamrag gang.