Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shamrock Bum Bum

Hmmmm - people are WEIRD.

Firstly, I have learned not to gender identify gingerbreadmen.
Uh, I mean gingerbreadpeople.

Secondly, I will freely admit that Phil the Groundhog is not the most scientifically appropriate weather predictor ever known to man.

But you know, I cannot really be held responsible for turning your baby's poop a startling shade of shamrock green.

It's a fact.

A woman actually came to me at the bakery to complain that the shamrock cupcakes that we frosted with a vibrant green turned her child's poo-poo green. Not only that, but since said child crapped in a diaper, the green poo also stained said child's bum green.

She then invited me to check the diaper to see for myself. Fu*king GROSS!

Note to parents everywhere: YOU and only YOU are the only person ever interested in examining your baby's poo.

As it turned out, she really just wanted to see the food coloring bottle to make sure that Junior wasn't going to permanently stained for life.

But what was she doing feeding a toddler a massive huge luridly green cupcake? That kid was probably up for two days straight.

No wonder she was cranky.

I try to make this sh*t up, but really I don't have to when it walks in off the street.


Anonymous said...

Both C&C's poop was green all weekend after St. Patrick's Day. It's a shocker the first time you see it in the diaper, but when you remember the green milk and green pasta they consumed, it becomes funny. Gross, but funny. I am also happy to report that neither C or C have a green bum bum.

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

See! Sometimes it is perfectly fine to have a green behind!