Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mange moi, je suis un cupcake.

I love working at a bakery. It smells nice, tastes nice, and it's fun to decorate cakes for a living.

People are happy in a bakery - so long as you stay off the topic of weather forecasting groundhogs and don't gender identify gingerbread people.

The downside is that I ALWAYS smell like a cupcake.

And small children eat bits of frosting off my pant leg.

Or they point to me at the supermarket and say "cookie! cookie" creating a very awkward moment for parents who

a) haven't yet twigged that the nanny feeds Junior illicit sugary cookies

and who

b) don't know that I am the person who works at the bakery, not some random creep walking the streets giving Precious a cookie!

Plus, if I eat one more crackaroon - I think I will die.


Johnny K said...

Belated birthday wished Miss LVS!

vous la soeur said...

"Mange moi, je suis un petit gateau" is the first French phrase I ever learned - now it's coming back to nibble you on the apron - how ironic!

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

thanks johnny k!