Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OMG this blog again?!?!

I have been a majorly lame duck when it comes to poor old Shamrag.

It's a little bit that I have not felt at all funny this year, a little bit that Calamity Shazaam has taken over my life, and a little bit of blog burnout.

But when I think about just never writing it again, well I can't quite give her up just yet. SO I am going to set making the decision at 1000 posts. Write now (get it? get it? it's a pun! get it?) Shamrag is somewhere in the 700 range. At this rate I will have to decide if the 'rag gets to stay or go in about a year and a half.

Unless I really want to finish her off and then it would be in more like a year.

Which gives me ample time to get the funny back. Similar to getting the sexy back only not as skinny.

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