Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not news

Sometimes news is news - something big happens and people report on it.

Sometimes news is not news, but instead it is a press release that a public relations person would like to see in print, preferably in a "news" format. Press releases are about the only written word that is perfectly ok to reprint nearly verbatim without having to attribute a source.

And then sometimes you read something that just really leaves you wondering "what the huh?"

Like Christopher Muther's article on about Karen Bartolomei, who evidently would very much like to become the stationary queen of Boston. I do not know what the point of this article is at all. To take up white space in the Lifestyle section? As a favor for her PR person?

Ms. Bartolomei is described as being "delicately pretty" and "high energy" who is "quietly building a stationary empire" of f*cking expensive as sh*t paperie products.

And when I say f*cking expensive, I mean f*cking expensive!

Wedding paperie ensemble suites or whatever she calls wedding invites are described in the article as being for "monied brides" who spend $10,000 to $50,000 on her product, a figure that ranges up to $70,000 for the monied, monied, bride.

(A cursory check of her website seems to show that 100 invites for the less monied bride starts at $4000. If it seems like a lot, it is.)

As to the point of this article, I don't see it. If you can afford that kind of $$$ for wedding invitations, you probably have already left the Boston Globe for dead and have started getting the New York Times delivered. Everyone else is going to order their invites online.

And if you do send out that kind of invitation, everyone is going to know you have nothing better to do with your money, and that is sort of tacky, just so you know.

You are better off going to Crane.

PS: I can 100% guarantee you that if you take that $10,000 from the invites budget and switch it over to the alcohol budget, everyone you invite will have a $10,000 better time.

Oh and...

PPS: The "delicately pretty" Ms. Bartolomei the same Ms. Bartolomei who used that famous "high energy" to knock over some police barricades after a fatal fire on Emerson Street a few years ago and then proceeded to use her self-described "potty mouth" to get herself arrested. Click HERE to read all about it, it's the second story. Seems to me that the Paperie Cut Queen is not only "quietly building a stationary empire" but is simultaneously trying to quietly dismantle her image as a totally obnoxious, self-absorbed jerk.

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