Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wow, times ARE tough.

Because apparently this recession isn't just financial.

I heard three different radio ads this afternoon for supplements that are supposed to make dicks bigger. By the third one I was just plain laughing out loud. From the sounds of it there are thousands of teeny weenys out there clamouring for these supplements. So much so that they are rushing these supplements out the door to cover millions of advance orders. This is the claim anyway from the same guy who claimed that the reason he developed this amazing product was because he had lived with four women in college and all they ever talked about was how size matters.

Yeah, right, that's what women sit around talking about. Massive ginormous penises.

In pornos maybe.

Hmmmm although.... if they invent a supplement that could get a weiner to do laundry or windows, I would totally invest in that.

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