Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Early Mother's Day

Mom, if you are reading this, STOP reading right now. There is nothing here that you need to read.

Ok, so for Mother's Day I was hemming and hawing about what to get my mom. The woman has everything she needs in life and moah. And even though she loves to eat, there is no point to take her out because her favorite meal is homemade, at home, with the people she loves around her.

Hmmm, ok, she has everything and likes food and is generous and wants everyone to be happy.... what would be THE perfect gift?

A Kiva micro loan natch!

Yep, for $25 I made a micro loan to a woman named Ingrid who lives in South America on my mom's behalf. Ingrid has a restaurant and my Mom works for a restaurant, so I figured it was fate. Ingrid requested a loan from Kiva in order to purchase new tables, chair, and equipment to update her restaurant and had already paid back one Kiva loan to start her restaurant, plus she had a nice photo with a decent write-up.

Not only that, but Ingrid plans to repay the loan within the next 11 months, just in time for Mothers Day 2o10! The gift that keeps on coming back to be given again! Sweet!

If you are stuck on what to give YOUR mom this year, I highly recommend a micro-loan from Kiva. And be sure to pick the loan that gets repaid in time for next year's regifting. Er, I mean re-lending!

(Please note that I am not a financial planner of any kind whatsoever, and that as with any financial lending, risk is involved. So read the dang fine print please!)

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dj jazzy juliana said...

oooohhhh this is purrfect! my mom will have something else to talk to her condo women about!
yay miss lilly you have rescued me once more!!!!