Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tisn't the season, not yet!!


It's around 60F here in the town of the Bean, for some weird reason all the leaves are simultaneously turning red and flame and yellow and flying off the branches, and I am gearing up for Thanksgiving, while my neighbors are grilling in shorts & flip flops.

The most recent light frost was a few weeks back, and already I am sick of C-mas.

Every third tv ad is C-mas related, and two local radio stations are playing "holiday favorites". And Infinti cars are running ads trying to persuade people to give the gift of a luxury vehicle.

Are they for F*CKING REAL????

Who in the advertising department at Infiniti truly thinks that anyone watching local broadcasting is going to give a fancy car as a C-mas gift this year, of all years? Do they honestly have no idea what has been going on in the real world lately?


It's putting me off the holiday altogether.

But I am still excite about Thanksgiving! Whoo hoo! And today I listened to Alice's Restaurant and that improved my mood considerably.

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