Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

I got to the polling station a little after 7am and the line was out the door, and just down Northampton Street to Shawmut Ave.

By the time I had parked and walked down, the line was around the corner and I managed to get in line at Shawmut and Comet Place.

Within about 20 minutes of getting in line, the line stretched to Mass Ave. And from all accounts the line pretty much remained the same all day. Front to back that's just about 3/4 of a mile.

From Comet Place to the ballot desk took about an hour and fifty minutes. Then another 10 or so minutes to complete the ballot and then turn it in. Just around 9am I was heading out the door, excited to have cast my vote.

It was a long wait mainly because there were only 12 voting stations. And also because the group ahead of me started of as two women, but apparently they were holding places for their friends because as we started to inch forward, more people joined their group. Sort of obnoxious behavior but one woman in the group would fart every time she sneezed and I thought that was hilarious. However other folks in the line did take them to task for basically being line cutters.

I have to say that this is the first time that I have ever felt that something extraordinary is about to happen and that it is the result of the will of the people.


Stephen said...

HEY! I got in the same line at about 7:45AM, then Tman gave up (just having had that operation) so I got to work. THEN at 4:45 PM I got back in line AT THE SAME PLACE... and Tman called needing a ride to the Dr.'s... so I went.

THEN at 6:15AM I got back in line... and it took almost 2 hours!!! I got to vote too yay!

Betsy said...

Jeez - I voted by mail and got an "I voted early" sticker to wear! Too bad I lost it before the 4th and had to go stickerless all day. You had MUCH more fun!
But we did go to the election party downtown that night and hung out with 3000 other revelers all hoopin and hollerin every time a state turned blue. Being here in AZ - McCain country - a lowish profile is safer unless you got numbers, ya know?