Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best day EVER

So this morning I got up early because I can't help it on the weekends.

And I fiddled around the house for a bit. It was shaping up to be a beeeeyoootiful day so I was sort of trying to get things done before heading out.

Then the Evil Twin called. She was trying to get motivated, I was trying to get motivated, but instead we decided to go to the beach together.

You have to understand that in terms of coloring the E.T. takes after the northern European side of the family (pale blue to translucent white) while I take after the Mediterranean side of the family (pale sallow to weak tan) so it is rare for Evil Twin to come out to the beach with me.

In the summer, on very nice weekend days, I will easily spend the entire day switching between the sand and the surf. I can't GET enough sun on me. If Evil Twin tried that I am pretty sure she would straight out combust. Or shrivel up into a raisin. Which would be hard to explain to the family.

So it is a rare thing to have a great beach day with her. We tried last weekend, but that was a bust. This weekend was a fantastic gift of a day.

The temperature was perfect, the water was refreshing and not at all freezing, and for a change we were well prepared with a cooler packed with sandwiches, cookies, chips, and everything. The company, in my opinion, was excellent, and the conversation witty.

So civilized!

Anyway. I am now totally contented, completely starched with salt, and my skin is sun-warmed. I could not be happier if I was medicated. After a week of rain, I now feel wholly restored.

And my lovely neighbors just invited me over for BBQ and rum drinks. Seriously, could my life get any better right now?

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Anonymous said...

Your stick figure is pretty much a reality of what I would look like after a day any hotter and sunnier than today! Thanks for the UMBRELLA HAT!! - E.T.