Monday, August 18, 2008

Ads I cannot stand

For the most part I can't stand advertising and since I haven't got cable, it's an evil I have to put up with.

Right now there is one particular commercial running that I CANNOT STAND.

I literally either hit the mute button or change the channel when it comes on. It is that ad for Dark Chocolate M&M's, the one where they are supposed to be the Addams Family.

It's unoriginal, unappetizing, and frankly, it's f*cking creepy. And not tongue in cheek creepy like the Addams Family is meant to be. It's just creepy. And with awful, uncatchy, lyrics. And why is Morticia sticking her tongue out? I love dark chocolate, but I am not likely to buy these ever.

As for print ads, well right now I am hating on the Fresh Step ads. Seriously, I hate it when advertisers use anthropomorphism to sell crap.

Especially cat litter.

Especially when it looks more like the cat was caught rubbing one out:

Seriously though, don't you feel bad for the cat? I kind of do. Ugh, you know, this is wrong in so many ways because I've just remembered... don't cats lick themselves clean? Oh!Oh! My brain! My eyes! See, this is another reason anthropomorphism is a sh*tty idea!!!

Moving on, moving on.... Oh wait one more...

Now THIS is a cat desperate for a clean place to poop:

Either that or it was just kicked in the kitty balls.

It's Monday. I have to b*tch about SOMETHING.

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