Monday, July 23, 2007

I'll get you my pretty and your little pushcart too!!

The Heraldo is running and article today about the pushcarts being pushed out of Downtown Crossing.

And rumor has it that all the food windows have to close. Heck, maybe they all are already closed....

I get why it is happening - someone at the BRA decided South Endify Downtown Crossing and that means no gritty city crap allowed.

I wonder where Hip Zepi is going to go?

Although if they close Falafel King heads will ROLL!

I sure hope that Downtown Crossing doesn't turn into some overpriced tourist destination mall like Fanueil Hall.

And I know that I am from Boston because I know what hot subway and hot candied nuts smell like in the blustery sea-salty wind that whips damply through the buildings. And you only smell that smell in Downtown Crossing.

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