Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Best Breakfast in Boston

Ok, well my friends are going to kill me, but eh whatever.

Since Mike's is now waaaaaayyyyyy over-rated and over-populated we went to Jaks on Northampton Street, down by Harrison Ave - right next to LiquorLand.

And you can park at LiquorLand, but you just need to get a sticker from Jaks.

Seriously - great breakfast and lots of food for cheap.

Check out their menu HERE

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Anonymous said...

'scuse me, where you been? I saw someone hitch-hiking on DOT Ave. for you suburbanites - that's DORCHESTER AVENUE to you. Um, do young kids these days even know what thumbing-a-ride means (and for you in Ireland, that's not a dirty sex trick) and why not just take the bus son? Don't risk your life people, give the MAN BUS FARE!!!