Friday, July 06, 2007

How to Get a Free Punch in the Stomach

My Mom called me up today to pass on a story of something that happened to a co-worker today.

Seemingly this co-worker was taking the train today along with a woman with a dog who was carrying a large suitcase.

Who knew you could take a dog on the T, but whatever.

Anyway, Co-Worker watches as the Suitcase Lady is chatted up by a fellow male passenger. As they are getting off the train at Park Street, the FMP offers to help her with her suitcase. He inquires about the contents of this unwieldy case and she replies:


To which he responds by punching her in the stomach, grabbing the case, and taking off.


But really the "whoops" is on him.

Turns out the Suitcase Lady was either a vet or going to the vet (I missed this part of the story) because the contents of the case had nothing to do with "electronics", but instead contained the remains of a deceased dog.

So how was YOUR commute?

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Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to "take your dog to work day"...