Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mumbles vs Guns - Someone is Shooting from the Hip Again!

Oh for the LOVE of PETE! Mumbles Menino has declared a "war" on illegal guns.

That is fighting violence with violence basically.

Menino should not be allowed to talk in public, or to the public, or in general really. When he is in an agitated state he gets loud and incoherent and spittle-ly.

So while Menino was off on some junket in La-La-land a 7 year old shoots an 8 year old. And there is nothing the Mayah hates more than being out of town when the sh*t hits the fan.

Which means that Bostonians can expect some blustery knee jerk reaction. Which apparently is going to manifest itself as a "WAR" on illegal guns.

I hope it's all SWAT team, helicopters, searchlights, dogs, helmets, vests, battering rams, and oh yeah don't forget - big guns!

And now that it's about 42 millions degrees with 97% humidity I bet tempers start flaring raaaather quickly.

I am not sure what kind of relief there could be, but I doubt if being all finger pointy and puffed chesty is going to help at all.

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