Monday, June 25, 2007

The Most Expensive Pants EVAH!!!!!

I have sort of been following that story of the Washington DC guy who sued his dry cleaner for $54,000,000 for f*cking with his pants.

Roy Pearson took the adage about a customer being right to the extreme and tried to take the cleaners to the cleaners.

This case has completely fascinated me - how on earth could anyone justify $54 million dollar pants? I don't think that I have the nuts necessary to take that kind of claim to court, but that's just me.

Today however a judge threw the case out. About time anyway.

Now Pearson has to pay all the legal fees. Which means those pants are going to cost him several hundred thousand dollars. Way more that the $29 bucks he spent on them at TJ Maxx.

Maybe he should Ebay them - recoup some of that moolah.

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