Friday, May 11, 2007

Wait a minute! Where's me jumpah?

There is a nightclub a few block from where I live that has been closed for a little while now.

The owner is currently trying to sell it and transfer the liquor license. There was meeting to talk to the neighbors about this plan and some neighbors are for it, others against it - almost everyone though thought the new owner was a bit shifty.

I know that there are many reasons for and against having a night club in a primarily residential neighborhood - everyone has an opinion.

Personally, I don't care but last night a female patron from the other neighborhood nightclub (we've got two plus a "gentleman's" club) squatted and peed on the sidewalk.

Two things about that: GROSS! and GREAT! that she managed sh*tfaced to pee on the ground. I can't do that - stone cold sober and I would STILL piss on my ankle.

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