Monday, March 26, 2007


That is the noise that my neighbor makes on his saxatrumpobophone.

I am not entirely positive what instrument it is but sometimes it sounds like Kenny G, other times it's just a couple of notes over and over and over and over and over again.

Usually I can sort of tune it out and quite honestly the repetitive notes sometime lull me to sleep. But last night my Evil Twin came over with take out and we're just digging in when the sound begins.

At first I don't notice it at all but I realize that my sister is sort of staring at me, her head cocked and her ears up. My mom has the same pose when she is trying to hear if my dad is in the kitchen sneak-eating ice cream straight out of the container.

That's when I hear it too - waaaaaaaauuuunnnnnn

She is still trying to figure out if it's her phone, or a bagpipe, or a dying loon, or god knows what.

And I am pissing my self from laughing so hard!

Once the four notes begin, well we just lose it completely.

At least it's not the drunken rendition of Billy Joel's entire songbook at 4am the neighbors on the other side likes to whip out on occasion.

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