Friday, March 02, 2007

Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!

Two of my favorite things are happening this weekend:

1. The fleet is in. Sort of. Well the USS JFK is in. And that means lots of guys in uniform which I absolutely cannot resist.

2. The Muddy Rudders are playing. Well I think they are calling themselves the Thuddy Rudders due to the fact that they are more percussion this time or something or other. Whatev.

The beauty of this situation is that they are playing at Fanueil Hall, which is where all the uniforms default too. Whoo hoo!

So not only do I get to go see the official band of Shamrag, but I also get to thank our men in uniform personally! Again, whoo hoo!

I should prolly add that they are playing for charity (a South American orphanage) so why the hell not go.

And even if you can't go but still want to give a little Sham-lovin' I will be happy to put bling in the bin for you.

Check 'em out here: Muddy Ruddahs


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