Thursday, March 15, 2007

My new crush!

So I finally cancelled my Crapcast cable service, but I still get local channels.

One of those local channels is BNN (Boston Neighborhood Network) and usually they air these totally wacky, cat-lady singer, two-people yakking, type shows.

Except for tonight I flicked over and it was this show called "Call the Cops" and I am HOOKED.

It was hosted by Officer Jamie Kenneally (who is HOT and HILARIOUS) and I swear it was the best hour of tv I have watched all week. It should be required watching for everyone who thinks cops are aggressive bullies who just want to be mean because this guy is the opposite of that.

Because like I said, Officer Kenneally is HOT and funny and very down to earth - even when his mother called during the show, he answered and told her he would call her right back.

Tonight he hosted the Captain from Southie and they were talking about the upcoming St. Patricks Day parade. I usually avoid going within 5 miles of Southie at St. Patty's day, but if Officer Kenneally is going to be there, I am SO going this year!

"Call the Cops" - watch it next week, Thursday at 7pm. Really, it is your civic duty.



Anonymous said...

Universal Hub links to a post about your new crush

Anonymous said...

I agree, Officer Kenneally is one hot cop. He can frisk me anytime!