Monday, November 06, 2006

All we did was eat

I feel like this past weekend away has been all about food - meeting people for meals.

We arrived Friday right in time for margaritas, chips, and salsa. Ole! And then aiiii carumba later....

We started Saturday with breakfast tapas at Cafe Atlantico. Breakfast tapas? After a gallon of tequila I kind of wanted something more greasy and a little less elegant, but the food was terrific.

Then I went to the National Portrait Gallery for about 3 hours. The Portrait Competition is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It literally took my breath away. More for sure on that later.

After walking off the tapas we went to Stardust in Alexandria which was delicious. I had pork chops and beans, and as usual one chop was perfectly cooked and the other one was on the tough/dry side. And EXCELLENT cocktails.

Sunday I went off to see friends out in Bethesda (took the Metro - more math) and we went to an Irish bah and I had a pretty good Irish breakfast (grilled tomato, yay! weak tea, bad!). Our young waiter was very nice even though he dumped a full glass of ice water on us. Thank goodness for man-made material boots!

For a late afternoon pick-me up, the Blonde and I went to Old Town in Alexandria for oysters on the half shell and Bloody Marys. And sat next to a man who looked like an Old Dominion type but who was in fact crazy. He had a full on conversation with the Lord while enjoying a beer and some chowder, this after yelling at his family on his Blackberry about how they've shunned him and are false before God and that God loves rich people too.

Then we went home for some junk food.
And now we are off to have MORE breakfast.

Hopefully they will let us on the plane.....

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