Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am currently away from my desk or on another call...

Right now I am lovely ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA!!!!!!

I have to say that I am a big fan of Washington DC and surrounding areas.

Most museums are free, every middle aged white man sort of looks like Dick Cheney, the Metro is easy to use, and there are men in uniform EVERYWHERE.


My evil twin and I arrived yesterday after being in forward motion for 6 hours straight - my house, orange line, blue line, shuttle bus, airplane, shuttle bus, orange line, blue line, Blonde Bombshells house.

Not only that, but the pilot told us that we passengers could listen to the air traffic control conversation on channel 9. That is really cool. I listened as we flew from Boston, through New York airspace, and into Washington airspace. It was particularly helpful when the landing got bumpy and evil twin started to get nervous. I had her listen to the pilots who sounded very calm and so we felt less like we were about to fly into the ground nose first.

And then once we arrived in Virginia, we were met by the Blonde Bombshell and the Power Para and taken straight out for margaritas. Of which I promptly drank two and got completely HAAAAA-mmered.

Because they were made with about a fifth of tequila and a splash of mix. WHOO HOO!!

Did I mention that this was all around 4pm?

The only complaint I have is that the fare system on the Metro requires more mathematical ability than I possess. It involves some vile combination of calculus and geometry and I find it's just easier to more fare than you really need and hope for the best.

OH YEAH - the fine print tells you to keep your ticket because you need it to get out.
Who knew!

If all goes well and I don't get arrested by Homeland Security for jumping on men in uniform, I will post more tomorrow!

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