Friday, December 02, 2005

Item No. 654 on the list of Things That Are Annoying

Listen up Hollywood-fancy-pants-marketing people.

Do not advertise movies in November that aren't coming out until the end of December.

The masses are easily confused. If we see forty two thousand trailers four months in advance, by the time the movie actually is released we sort of think that we saw it all ready.

Or we are sick to DEATH of the trailers and aren't going to see it just out of spite.

Besides, don't they know that we are an instant gratification society.

Just last night I saw an ad for a movie that looked kind of good, it put me in the mood to go to the movies, but then it turns out the movie isn't even coming out until December 23rd.

Probably December 2006 anyway.

And by then I won't be in the mood to go the movies anyway.



PS: It is equally annoying to watch movie trailers at the movies in December that advertise blockbusters due out in the summer. Dumb! Annoying!

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