Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Skkkkkyyyyyy rockets in flight! Aaaaaaafternoon delight.....

Ho, ho, she's back with your afternoon crack hit.

You crazy people... miss me?

Let me tell you that for the past 3 months (THHHHRREEEEEE) I have been on grand jury duty. and now it is coming to an end.

And thank god for that.

I have come to some conclusions about crime n' sh*t in our lovely state"

1. I am waaaaaaaaay to smart to be a criminal.

2. If she says she's 18 but makes you drop her off at a middle school, you better pray she's a teacher and never, never, EVER have sex with her again.

3. Oxycontin costs about $30 wholesale.

Yeah, NOW you're hooked.

More later.

1 comment:

Muddy Rudder said...

aw, maaan... when i read the title, i was expecting a post about the true, unexpurgated tales of daytime nookie... :-)