Saturday, May 06, 2006

Going Once, Going Twice, Going for $95 Million!

It must be a really extraordinary feeling to stroll into an auction, sit down wherever there's a seat available, flick throught the catalog, wait until the auctioneer gets to Picasso's painting of his mistress and then start bidding like crazy.

This is the man who paid over $100,000,000 smackaroos on two paintings.

And as I am a numbers kind of a gal, here's the breakdown:

This fellow spent $100,000,000 in one month.
(He has until the end of the month to make good on payment, if he hasn't already)

This comes to an average of $3,333,333.33 per day.

So ok, how could $3 million plus be spent in one day.

1. Pay for just over 1.5 million malaria treatments in Africa
2. Buy every Bostonian a small cheese pizza from Nicole's Pizza.
3. Buy Johnny K and Brother Asshat 2,469,136 cans of Heineken.

Ok, now I am bored.

What would you do with $3 million to spend a day?

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