Monday, May 15, 2006

About Damn Time

Brangelina brat? Who cares!

The $8,000,000 Aniston-Vaughn Wedding? Pshaw!

Tom Cruise dancing like Gumby? Been there, done that, what-ever!

I'm talking about how they FINALLY killed Denny-the-Doe-Eyed-Dumbass off on Grey's Anatomy.

Jeezus pete - what that man went through while Dizzy Izzy worked her "mojo" on him... I am surprised that didn't kill him ages ago.

Fo' real!

The Dizz flatlined the poor bastard at least twice, poked him full of holes, shocked him, cut off his LVentthingymajiggy, and STILL he lived. So that he could have the transplant and later die of a blood clot. Doh!

And then finally, FINALLY McDreamy and McPouty FINALLY banged the gong! He's hot, she's not, it's sad - like empty calories, a bummer after the fact. Watching them go at it is like watching Ken hump a Q-tip.

And George's new haircut and girlfriend, please - looked like an improvement at first, but no, both grew to be just as annoying as George. Annoying and unpleasant to boot.

When the celebs fail you, there is always tv.

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