Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's a learned behaviour...

I don't want to be the a**hole who is always bitching and pissing about spelling and grammar errors, but it's the little things in life that I am privileged to sweat about I guess.

And to be honest I don't always catch grammar errors because I am crap at grammar. There is no way I could tell you the difference between a participle and a preposition. True story.

Also, I know lots of words but haven't a clue how to use them appropriately.

But spelling mistakes nag me like a fat popcorn kernel stuck between two back teeth.

For example: using "peaked" for "piqued". If you tell me that I have sparked some curiosity in you, then I have piqued your interest, not peaked. And before anyone gets mad that I am bringing the whip down, my philosophy is if you can't use the right word, phrase it differently. See sentence two of this very paragraph.

This is what piqued my interest in this topic so early on a Sunday:

Now that is just wrong. The spelling part.


Pam said...

I have an online dating profile that includes the question "You should message me if..." and my answer is "if I piqued your interest." Do you know how many responses I've gotten from guys who include that I peaked their interest?!

John Keyes said...

Yay the Shamrag lives :)

Your great so your.

I love you're post's.


Annabelle B. said...

Pam: that is exactly the scenario I am talking about. Ugh.

John Keyes: The 'rag is SO back! Whoot! No but really your the best. I swear.

John Keyes said...

Haha, I wonder what would Lily make of your correcting her gwammar?

Alex said...

I pacifically like this post...