Friday, December 05, 2008

Basic Tetiquette

Messenger bagged masses of the public transit system, please note: just because your bulky-ass bag is slung around on your backside does NOT mean you are not responsible for it.

(This pretty much goes for any bulky bagged rider of the MBTA, so take heed!)

I am tired of getting sucker punched by some dope, usually on the phone, totally oblivious to the 20lb wrecking ball they're slinging around out the back. Out of sight out of mind does not apply in this scenario.

The other day I was sitting next to a young woman who was in the aisle seat. First she got clocked under the chin by a dopey rider swinging an oversized tote under her arm. She then got a thwack on the back of the head from the same dopey rider who wanted to shift the bag to the other shoulder.

And the bag swinger knew she bonked the seated passenger because she then told her to "ooh, mind!" as if her massive tote was its own entity for which she wasn't responsible.

Seriously. WTF is wrong with people sometimes. There are millions of little annoying things about the T (people not moving INTO the bus/subway car, T drivers who abruptly smash the brake, riders who need to take up one whole seat for their bag) but for some reason it was the bag swingers who got me this week.

Phew! I just had to say that.


Roxanne said...

Those are BY FAR my most hated T riders. I have actually gotten into two shouting matches with two different of these dimwits in the last few months.

Boom! said...

It is so easy not to hit someone with your bag too. I commonly have a 20+ lb bag. It just takes the tiniest bit of effort to make the T a much better place.

Suldog said...

Right on. MY POOR WIFE. She stands about 5-foot-nothing, and she is constantly getting hit by these dopes. Thanks for venting. It helped ME.