Wednesday, March 02, 2005

This is why you make nachos with Velveeta

Interestingly enough an article about a nude man covered in nachos was one of's top 20 most emailed articles.

Nacho, nacho maaaaaaaaan. I wanna be a nacho man!

I am totally intrigued by a nude man covered in nachos, which is why I emailed the article to myself.

It would seem that a Mr. Michael David Monn of Maryville, Tennessee decided to treat himself to a wild night of vodka and snacks, which he stole from the snack shack at the local pool.

Not content to merely consume the booze and contraband party mix, but he also decided that they would be best enjoyed in the butt nekkid.

How klassy!

Clearly this was no ordinary night, in fact, this was Mr. Monn's 23rd birthday.

I guess that would be as good a reason as any to get covered in nachos.

"A police officer found Monn that morning in the parking lot of the pool facility after Monn had apparently scaled an 8-foot-tall fence and was seen running toward a Jeep with a box of stolen snacks and a container of nacho cheese.

In addition to being naked, Monn had nacho cheese in his hair, on his face and on his shoulders, police said. He also had a strong odor of alcohol and was semi-incoherent."

I wonder if he had a strong odor of cheese about him as well.

"In his Jeep, Maryville officers found clothing and an open bottle of vodka."

Well, duh - he was drunk and naked, how do you think he got that way?!

But seriously, how many of you would love the walking nacho platter. Especially when you are sitting around drinking vodka.

Don't lie to me.

I know you want to try it.

Just don't do it in public, naked, blind drunk, and during daylight hours.

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